EVENT – Muscle Acre, Mud Slog – 5th November 2017

Remember, remember! The fifth of November, The Muddy trenches and obstacles.

The last in the final installment for the 2017 Muscle Acre events – until next year!! I had already taken part in the winter and summer events this year so was looking forward to my trilogy.

Muscle Acre for me is great – it’s a local event which just keeps on growing and with more and more people giving it ago. There was a chill in the air and my biggest decision was to decide between long or short sleeve compression tops. I decided to not be brave and instead be prepared for the worst and go with the long sleeve.

The atmosphere around the event village was buzzing with more familiar faces making an appearance. The fire pits were most appealing and would of happily stayed close to one.


I was in the front runner wave at 10:40 and was going for the 10km distance and as usual we were on time and ready to go. After a quick race brief we were off onto the very familiar switchbacks and tyres. The course was great, a mix of terrain and obstacles and with very friendly and encouraging marshals out on the course. I had the pleasure of running the course with Laura Heywood  and Kate Stillwell – Great athlethes!!!


23167964_1947067132199629_6188742972475372536_nWell done to all Pack Fitness members – its great to see more and more members giving it a go.



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