EVENT – Spartan Sprint – 1st October 2017


The Reebok Spartan sprint puts endurance aside and tests your quickness through 5km+ loaded with 20+ obstacles. Not known for my sprinting ability but thought this would be a good chance to get in some obstacles training. Spartan races are well organised and known for the obstacles and not as a mud run.

The venue had changed from Windsor to Bagshot and luckily as we were in the Elite wave it meant we beat the queues into the carpark as I heard some people managed to miss their wave times because of this.


The elite wave had a good turnout with even a minion joining in. The wave started and we were directed straight into a very muddy trail which meant it was very difficult to get past people and got a little frustrating. Eventually we came across some walls and more obstacles and carries which spread out the field and allowed some more freedom. I was feeling the effects of a nasty cold so wasn’t feeling my best and ended up having to take some penalties of 30 burpees. As the race went on I started to get into it, but this was a little late as I could now see the end in sight and was coming up to the dreaded spear throw. I did practice this before the race and didn’t do so well, so I was expecting to do the penalty.  I actually did it and I have never been so happy about completing an obstacle, after my excitement I went on and completed the last few obstacles. This gave me a great advantage as I over took some other females. The last two 8ft walls and the fire jump and I was done.

After some DQs to a couple of females after a dispute on burpees, I came out with 3rd elite female.


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