EVENT – Muscle Acre – Summer Madness – 16th July 2017

The joy of having an event on your doorstep. Being able to wake up at a reasonable time and enjoy a proper breakfast. I took part in the Winter Muscle Acre back in January  which was mostly frozen so I was looking forward to getting muddy and seeing what it had to offer. Muscle acre has a great vibe to it, everyone is friendly with a bonus of free parking. Registration was a breeze, the only thing I was surprised with was the idea of putting the timing chip onto the bib – this works fine for running events but when you are crawling around in mud and sliding down water slides I could see this being a problem with timings. I always loose mine somewhere along the way so decided to pin it to the inside of my top. untitled1

I had the company of some other Pack Fitness members, we decided to go around together as a team – this decision lasted about 3 seconds after the start. I felt good and I thought what the hell and decided to just do it. We were in the first wave which was the qualifying wave for the 10km race.

The course didn’t disappoint – with a great terrain and a good use of mud with  Monkey bars, Rope Climb, water slide and a Rig.  I was happy to complete all obstacles on my first attempt. I felt relaxed and it felt good to use my legs. The course had a lot of running sections so maybe a few more obstacles could be thrown in to break up the run. There was mud which was thigh high and a few tweaks to the course from last time I did it in January. I got a little confused running around, as all of a sudden a girl cut in front of me – feeling angry and how she could just get away with it, I then realised she was on the 5km course.

Marshals  were friendly and prepared with water guns and jelly babies.The total distance for the 10km course was 11km and we were rewarded with a medal, goodie bag and a beer. I will definitely be back for some more muscle acre action especially being placed 2nd overall woman again after being 2nd in January also.



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