“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” – Robert CollierIMG_8086.JPG

I train with an outside bootcamp group and I’m the one not wanting to miss a session. It runs around 5 times a week, with each session being different – which is what I love, due to fact I can get bored pretty easily- hence why I love OCR.

IMG_8926On top of bootcamp I also have a strength and conditioning program and a running program written by my trainer. I train because I love the outcome and the benefits it brings and basically I’m always disappointed in myself so always want to do better.

Fitness has some great perks -If I am having a rubbish day which is way too frequent at the moment, then going out for a run makes me so much better.  I don’t train so I can then eat cake at the end of day. 

Finding the right trainer is a big thing and I’ve been trained by a mixture. I believe that ETD750-0015.jpgyour trainer should understand you as a person and also what you are trying to achieve, motivation is always a key element. For example I don’t do well with people shouting at me while I try and train – I don’t mind being told how to do it better but shouting at me to “Run Faster” won’t help – tell me how I can run faster. I currently have been training with my trainer Nicholas Frost from Pack Fitness for the past 2 years. I competed in my first OCR event last spring and I am now taking part in the Europeans at the end of this month and have qualified for the Worlds in October. I cannot be more grateful for all that he has done for me, I’m not the easiest person to train and I apparently like to moan.

I have made some great friends joining a fitness group and love having something in common with so many people – the love of fitness.  I get the comments of -why do I do it and- that I do too much. The people who make these comments clearly don’t know me. Fitness is a way of life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.




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