EVENT – SPARTAN SUPER – 20th May 2017

5922b8479f32e725112257d8-oSo I entered my first ever Spartan. Well I had taken part in the Junior Spartan with my daughter but apparently that doesn’t count… anyway, the Spartan Super was going to be my first and I can say definitely not my last.

I was in the elite wave for the Spartan SUPER at 8am so had a wonderful early start to the day. Being the first wave, parking was a breeze and registration was quick and simple. I didn’t have to wait long until we got underway. Looking around I could see it was a strong field and I know that the Spartan races are very popular and bring out the best athletes.

The course itself was great, I loved almost every bit of it. The obstacles ranged from the rings, monkey bars and the rope climb. We also had many carries- sandbags, logs, tyres, more logs, atlas ball and then the dreaded bucket carry. I literally saw people break during the bucket carry. Then there was the standard walls to get over and barbed wire to crawl under.

The setting was fantastic and I tried to enjoy it while climbing up the hills. Loved the little touch of having the switch backs on the hills spell out ‘AROO’.

About 2km into the race I thought I would actually try to enjoy myself more as I feel sometimes I get myself so worked up and fail at silly mistakes – being relaxed helped me to succeed in the obstacles and to make me realise what I can actually do. I certainly did enjoy myself and the whole atmosphere was great. Plus we got some fantastic bling and a tshirt and we got to jump over fire!   AROO!




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