EVENT- WARRIOR RUN – 23rd April 2017

After having two weeks off on the other side of the world I decided it would be a good time to race in the Warrior Run 14km event. Jet lagged and with my body not quite back to it’s fit self, finishing the event would be an achievement.

New to Warrior Run and hearing great things about the event I was excited to get going. Setting off in the Elite wave I didn’t have a great start but I knew from my past experience not to set off and kill myself after the first few Kms. The course had a long section of running at the beginning with a few obstacles along the way, mostly walls or climbing. Then the ‘SWAMP’ thick smelly mud which would get very deep in parts, managing to fall in and with the mud coming above my chest.

The obstacle village was packed with obstacles ranging from more walls, monkey bars to crawling through tunnels and of course the fun of the water slide. This had to be my favourite section and you knew then you were near the end of the 7Km course. As I had entered into the 14km I had the pleasure of going round again, even though it was tempted to go into the left lane and head to the finishing line.

The second lap was obviously a lot busier with the waves setting off behind us now on the course. This didn’t cause a problem as people just stepped out of your way and would let you continue. It was a great boost to see some of my fellow ‘Pack Members’ taking part and giving me a cheer as they continued on with their 7Kms.

Now at the end of the second lap I could take the left hand lane and head towards the finishing lane. A few water obstacles and a 7ft wall and then a run up the warped wall to the finish line, a great obstacle to end the race with.

An overall great event with everyone of the team enjoying the experience and loving the obstacles. I know that we hope to be back for some more in the future – Thank you Warrior Run.




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