EVENT- THE SUFFERING – Rockingham Castle 11th March


I left the house at 5am on the 11th of March, and had a 2 and half hour Drive to Rockingham Castle near Leicester.  Sometime ago, from the comfort of my sofa, I had entered myself into the 10Mile elite wave or should I say the “no less than 10 Miles” OCR Event

In total the 10 Mile event turned out to be over 13 Miles of pain and suffering. Luckily the weather was in our favour and it was a mild and cloudy day, still nice and muddy though, thanks to the wet weather earlier on in the week and to be honest my body wasn’t counting the miles.


(Photo Credit – Tony Jarvis Event Photography)

The course ingredients included hills, mud, water and obstacles – what more would you expect. The highlight being a field of switchbacks which included carrying a sandbag, and with a few angled walls to get over along the way. By the time you get to the top of the hill and your calf muscles are burning you have to turn around and go back and do it all over again; this took my endurance to a new level.

There were many switch backs along the course using the natural terrain to its full advantage. The course also involved a lot of carries; such as tyres, barrels, buckets of water, logs, tyre on a rope and more sandbags. I felt the obstacles were challenging but highlighted my need for more mental and physical strength – another amendment to my training plan as I get stronger and more competitive.

The last part of the course  took place back in the events village and was the most technical section; this included the rig , ninja rings/monkey bars and many walls. All obstacles had a forfeit of burpees and then there were the ‘Reapers’. The Reapers are people who gave out some additional punishments in addition to any obstacle or forfeit, this could be anything from walking like a duck, mud angels, press ups, more burpees or even having to sing Happy Birthday (appropriate seeing mine was the following day)

The event was well organised and the marshalls were great, they were well stocked up with sweets and encouragement which were definitely needed on the last 2 miles. I have to say the last reaper was just before the finish line and was simply cruel- when all you wanted to do was get over the finish, he had set the punishment of frog jumps over the line. Legs on fire and jumping like a frog to finish!

I felt the course pushed my body and mind and it felt good to be back out racing again. It made me realise my weaknesses and what I now need to work on. I have a few scratches and bruises but nothing to major. It was a great course and would recommend this to anyone who is up for the challenge. I take my hats off to the people who manage to complete all of the events in one day – 10m, 10km and 5km – Relentless!! On the plus side I did manage to finish off my qualifications and have qualified for the World Championships 2017.



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