When taking part in an event of any sort – from a 10km run or a 21km obstacle race. My mind is a big part of getting round the course, here are a few thoughts that go on in my mind during an event.

“At the start line – Where shall I put myself?”16298715_1810218252551185_698633974575762445_n.jpg

The wave is about to begin and I look around to see who else I will be starting with. Do I place myself near the front so I get a good start or do I think I will just get in the way of everybody? Either way I am about to start, excited and nervous and not knowing what is out there…. Do I need another pee?

“Wow that was COLD!”


The first water obstacle and I go for it. The shock of the cold water hits me. I will always remember at Judgement Day 2016 and I could hear the squeals of people entering the water before you could even see it – and most of the squeals came from men! – It won’t last long and you will be fine!



“I paid to do this, why am I putting my body through this?”

I’m tired, and that’s great because I’m challenging myself! What is life without challenges? BORING! So I sign up for a harder challenge when I’m done.

“I need to train harder – I sucked at that last obstacle.”

img_5543I have found a weakness and need to get training.
This thought is a good thought as then you have an area to work on in training. Time to book in a session and work on the technique.


“I really need to stop, I’m tired.”

I get this thought a few times during a race. I obviously don’t stop as I have many other thoughts that help to kick this thought out of my head. The biggest thought thats helps, is very simple – I want to do people proud. I have a list of people who I race for, these people keep me going when it gets tough. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

“I can do this – I can actually do this!”

The adrenaline is pumping and I am loving every moment. I am feeling confident and even better I am doing well. The marshals around the course keep me updated on my position – I am actually doing this- Just keep going!!

“Where is the finish line?”

I can hear the music coming from the event’s village but where is the finish line? This is the point where you know the end is near, but wonder how many more obstacles are to come?  I feel a little disappointed that it will be over but then I am also looking forward to putting on my dry robe and getting warm and dry.


“I can see the the Finish Line – COME ON!”img_3324

Yes I did make it, I am in one piece and didn’t break a bone. Now time for the finish line selfie with my medal – You deserve it! Enjoy the moment and be proud of yourself.



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