Completed a 5K, half-marathon or even a marathon and then yourself thinking “what’s next?” You obviously could go down the Ultra route or even an event such Man Vs Mountain.

Or the answer to that question combines mud, military style obstacles and even fire on a race course that will test your fitness and willpower. Obstacles course races have created a recreational revolution by combining running and adventure racing in a fun atmosphere.


More of an adventure race than a traditional running race; an obstacle course race can include elements of climbing, swimming, jumping and crawling up, over, around and through various challenges.


You do not have to be a superstar athlete to take on an obstacle course race. There is a race out there for you, just take some time to research the distance of the race, difficulty of the obstacles and competition level of the event.


A successful training program for obstacle course racing should include running and strength training, while addressing skills specific to the race.


When race day rolls around, use this checklist to make sure you have everything you need to dominate your race.

What to wear

  • you are going to get dirty and probably trash your clothes. I have ripped many tights now. Wear clothing, shoes, and gear that you wouldn’t mind discarding after the race.
  • Dress like and athlete to compete like one. Consider compression shorts, tights and tops. They dry quickly and keep you warm. Cotton and baggy clothing is a bad choice. It will slow you down and get snagged on obstacles.
  • Race in something you have trained in. Don’t wear something straight out the box. I always try out my out fit before I race – like a dress rehearsal.
  • Trail running or off road shoes.
  • You can also consider gloves – you will need to do some research in this area and always try them out first.

What to bring

  • Hydration – drink. I add HIGH5 electrolyte sports drink tabs into my bottle of water.
  • Watch and/or heart rate monitor.
  • Compression sleeves.
  • I would recommend a kitbrix bag to keep all your things together. Lots of compartments to keep every thing safe and surprisingly holds a lot.

Post Race

  • Bring a change of clothes and towel to be warm and dry. A dry robe is also something you should consider.
  • a black bag for all you wet clothes/shoes.
  • Cash – for food and merchandise



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