Winter Warmer – The name says it all.

I wasn’t planning on racing in January or February but my body had different ideas. I had the need to get back out there after the Christmas break. I had heard many good things about The Muscle Acre events and I thought it would be a great opportunity to start the year off and even better there was also a kiddies race for my daughter.

I raced round 2.5km of the course with my daughter and I’m not sure having a preview of the frozen water before my event started was the best idea (I knew what was to come!) They obviously did not allow the children to break the ice for us and they ran round the water trenches.


I was entered into the qualifying wave, which meant that if I completed all 4 mandatory obstacles (monkey bars, sternum checker, rope climb & the rig) and come in the top ten in my category then I could qualify for the UK OCR Championships for 2018.

holly5(Photo -Sternum checker)

The wave started at 11am and it was the first wave to set off, the pace was quick and I managed to tear open my 2XU tights on the first obstacle. There was both natural and man made obstacles along the 10km route. The first mandatory obstacle was the Monkey Bars followed by the frozen water trenches. The downside of being near the front is having to break the ice. The ice felt like sharp concrete slabs and I even managed to get wedged in between two slabs. You could see how cold it was when some of the water obstacles didn’t even mange to break and you could run on top of the solid ice trenches.

There was a mix of obstacles, from sand bags to the rig. I thought the mix of obstacles catered for all abilities and I would recommend this event to anyone who is thinking of giving OCR a go.

The Hot Chocolate at the finish line had never tasted so good. I had managed to collect all 4 wrist bands and I came 2nd in the female category, which meant that I had qualified for next years UK Championships. It was a great event to start the year off and I will be back for the Summer Madness event later on in the year. Muscle Acre was well organised and the marshals gave support a long the way with the added bonus of jelly babies.


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